Quantum Thinking Seminar

Becoming a Quantum Thinker –

Quantum Thinking 6.0

Your ticket to success!

Are we controlled by our thoughts, or do we control our thoughts?

How a person thinks deter­mines their success. The biggest differ­ence between successful and unsuc­cessful people is the way they think. Successful people think differ­ently, which does not mean that they neces­sarily think better. But I have never met a successful person who was not aware of the power of his thoughts.

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Who is actu­ally a quantum thinker?

The aim of the seminar is to make you aware of the power of your thoughts, your impres­sive tools that support you in achieving the goals and wishes in your life. At the end of the seminar you under­stand that the things that attract your atten­tion control you. Every­thing you achieve in life is a result of your thoughts, a reflec­tion of your way of thinking.

For whom is this event a must?

  • Managing direc­tors and executives
  • Entre­pre­neurs and self-employed persons
  • Employees who want to go into entrepreneurship
  • Scien­tists, medical doctors, phar­ma­cists, engineers
  • Speakers and authors
  • Trainers, Coaches and Consultants
  • Athletes and celebrities
  • And all those who are inter­ested in their personal devel­op­ment and are on new paths

During this seminar you take with you!

“Glad I could be there. It was a very insightful event. We were reminded several times that all things are possible.” 

Kai Asmushen

Gain insights into the topic of the seminar

Your advan­tages at a glance

I share with YOU time­less wisdom of self-realisation

You expe­ri­ence a moment of self-reflec­tion and pure inspiration!

Money and time Freedom

Meet new suit­able people

More inner satisfaction

More life energy and purpose in life

More self-confi­dence and you get going!

Not to be afraid and not to worry, because we are always taken care of.

Create more clarity with regard to your profes­sional and life situation

Make some­thing of it! See you at the Quantum Thinking 6.0 seminar?

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About Dr. Akuma Saningong

Dr. Akuma Saningong is a master commu­ni­cator and moti­va­tion expert in unleashing and maximising your poten­tial by combining science and personal devel­op­ment or poten­tial unfolding. He applies the knowl­edge of quantum physics and the biology of epige­netics to help you reach your full poten­tial. He has a PhD in natural sciences and has worked in both research and industry. As a Keynote Speaker and YOUR Mentor, I am here to support YOU. My task is to posi­tively influ­ence YOU.

When and where does this seminar take place?

It is an annual event that takes place on a weekend in March or April in a different city. We start with a “meet-and-greet” on Friday evening and end on Sunday afternoon.
If you have any special requests and would like us to organise an event for a partic­ular group on a different date and in a different loca­tion, please send us your request by E‑Mail to: info@drsaningong.com

Why is it worth participating?

We have found that change always happens when we surround ourselves with people who are on a similar path like us. Only when we change our envi­ron­ment can we achieve our goals. On this day you get to know the people who tick as you do and who want more from life.

How do I get my ticket?

After successful purchase you shall receive an e‑ticket by e‑mail. Please print it out and bring it to the event.

Picture & Sound

With your partic­i­pa­tion at the event you agree that sound, photo and video record­ings may be made and that these may be used by Dr. Akuma Saningong afterwards.

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