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Becoming An Epigeneticist –

Epige­netics 6.0

Your ticket to success!

Are you one of those people who believe in posi­tive thinking?

Do you know that you are the CEO of your life and that it is never too late to take your life in your own hands? Do you also know that you are a gift to this world? If you have said yes to these ques­tions, read on!

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Who is actu­ally an epigeneticist?

You are an epige­neti­cist means to design your genes and control your genes to live the life you want.

By the end of this seminar you shall know how to deal with your worries and fears with ease. Being impa­tient is a sign that you are in a hurry. Being in a hurry is another sign that you have worries. Having worries is an indi­cator of fear. And when you are afraid, you have temporarily forgotten that it is never too late to change your thoughts and pretend that your dreams and goals have already been realised.

You are free, You are powerful, You are good­ness and You are love. You are here for a special reason and the world is a better place because you exist. You are so important.

For whom is this event a must?

  • Managing Direc­tors and Executives
  • Entre­pre­neurs and self-employed persons
  • Nutri­tion and Health-Conscious People
  • Scien­tists, Doctors, Phar­ma­cists, Alter­na­tive Prac­ti­tioners, Nursing Staff
  • Athletes and Fitness Trainers
  • And all those who are inter­ested in their mental health

During this seminar you take with you!

“It was a magical talk from you. Power, knowl­edge, moti­va­tion, humour and a concen­trated dose of energy. Absolutely awesome!” 

Beate Wissenbach

Gain insights into the topic of the seminar

Your advan­tages at a glance

Why your genes do not deter­mine your fate

Why you have power over your genetic make-up

How much do genes influ­ence your health and can your genes “learn” health?

How your social envi­ron­ment and lifestyle shape your genes

You are not a puppet of your genes

You are not a victim of your genes and your circumstances

Stress, trauma, poverty, et cetera leave traces on the genetic make-up and are passed on to the next generations

Do we shape the genetics of our descen­dants and inherit expe­ri­ences of our ancestors?

How to reach your full potential …

Make some­thing of it! See you at the Quantum Thinking 6.0 seminar?

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About Dr. Akuma Saningong

Dr. Akuma Saningong has a doctorate in natural sciences with a focus on mole­c­ular biotech­nology and biochem­istry, he is a book author, keynote speaker, and moti­va­tion expert in the field of personal devel­op­ment. He deals with epige­netics and quantum physics in order to unfold your full poten­tial, thereby building a bridge between science and topics such as spir­i­tu­ality, grat­i­tude, entre­pre­neur­ship and health, as well as mindset and inspi­ra­tion. His task is to influ­ence YOU posi­tively and to be a mentor and coach for those who have chosen to be the exception.

When and where does this seminar take place?

It is an annual event that takes place on a weekend in September or October in a different city. We start with a ” Meet-and-greet” on Friday evening and end on Sunday after­noon. If you have any special requests and would like us to organise an event for a partic­ular group on a different date and in a different loca­tion, please send us your request by E‑Mail to: info@drsaningong.com

Why is it worth attending?

We have found that change always happens when we surround ourselves with people who are on a similar path like us. Only when we change our envi­ron­ment can we achieve our goals. On this day, you get to interact with like-minded people who want more from life.

How do I get my ticket?

After successful purchase you shall receive an e‑ticket by e‑mail. Please print it out and bring it to the event.

Picture & Sound

With your partic­i­pa­tion in the event you agree that sound, photo and video record­ings may be made and that these may be used by Dr. Akuma Saningong afterwards.

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