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Akuma Saningong is here to support you on your way and to encourage you to make posi­tive changes in your life. His mission is to show you how to do this.

Personal Devel­op­ment as a Science

As a moti­va­tion expert and mentor, he shows you how to unleash your poten­tial by combining science and personal development.

Many of us are unaware that there is a huge reser­voir of talents and skills within us. We are indi­vid­uals with a wide range of possi­bil­i­ties and poten­tial. Akuma Saningong teaches the following contents, among others: Start thinking in possi­bil­i­ties! Every­thing is possible.

His goal: To make scien­tific knowl­edge acces­sible to everyone and to convey it as prac­tical tips and to help everyone method­i­cally and at the same time concretely to find their own way, to define their own chal­lenges and to over­come them.

What is Epige­netics? Can our Genes “learn” Health?

We are not puppets to our genes. You are not a victim to your genes. However, your thoughts and your envi­ron­ment can prevent you from expressing the infi­nite poten­tial that lies within you.

But be aware that you are the archi­tect of your health and future! A first step towards more produc­tivity and more pros­perity, as well as more joy in learning new things that will make you grow person­ally, is a change in your atti­tude. How you actu­ally lead your life is based on the story you tell and believe about yourself.

Akuma Saningong’s mantra is: The best thing you can do for your­self and the world is to start working on your­self. Start to change what you can really influ­ence — Yourself!

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What the event organ­isers are saying

Contin­uous educa­tion and personal devel­op­ment are the corner­stone of success. Dr. Akuma Saningong always offers new perspec­tives and fresh inspi­ra­tion — a very special speaker. 

Thomas Kluß­mannInitiator and Organ­iser of the Contra, Founder of DigitalBeat

Akuma is a fasci­nating and engaging person­ality. With his incred­ible energy and picto­rial expla­na­tions, he succeeds in putting complex biolog­ical corre­la­tions in a nutshell. 

Fabian FoelschFounder & CEO BRAINEFFECT

Akuma spoke to several students and scien­tists at our centre, and he has had a remark­able impact on their confi­dence and desire to succeed. 

Prof. Dr. Gordon Awan­dareDirector WACCBIP – Univer­sity of Ghana

Dr. Akuma Saningong is a gifted speaker. He capti­vates and inspires his audi­ence with his open, honest and humorous manner. He is Mr. Dyna­mite .… for every event. Power and knowl­edge in a unique combi­na­tion. Speaker and enter­tainer at the same time! 

Jan H. WinterBusi­ness Editor Regenta Verlag & Moder­a­tion KernImpuls

I have expe­ri­enced a new defi­n­i­tion of spir­i­tu­ality from Dr. Saningong. He said spir­i­tu­ality means to be open to that which we do not yet perceive. Being open to what we cannot see or touch, but to the possi­bil­i­ties that are there and invis­ible — making things not yet perceived become reality. Every­thing is possible. 

Prof. Dr. Günter FaltinCompany founder Tea Campaign & Organ­iser Entre­pre­neur­ship Summit

Akuma gave a talk on “The Future of Epige­netics” at our first TEDx event in Düssel­dorf. He elec­tri­fied 200 guests in the hall and even made them dance. He commu­ni­cates science in a way that everyone in the audi­ence can under­stand and be inspired. I recom­mend him for other events at any time. I am happy that he can inspire many people to become inter­ested in epige­netics and thus enrich their lives and improve their health. 

Chris­tian ReichFounder and organ­iser TEDxKoenigsallee Düsseldorf

Dr. Akuma Saningong provided moti­va­tion and inspi­ra­tion during our Annual General Meeting with his energy and speech. The gentleman is a real rarity. With his words and his posi­tive atti­tude he made it possible to awaken the winner in each of us. Once again, many thanks Dr. Saningong. You are a real inspi­ra­tion to us. 

Steve KommogneChairman Asso­ci­a­tion of Cameroonian Engi­neers VKII

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