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The formula for a self-determined life

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How much is it worth to you if you have more focus in your life? You dissolve negative beliefs such as “I have to be perfect” or “I can’t do it anyway”? Do you look at yourself more objectively, with a positive attitude? Quite priceless, isn’t it?

My coaching program is based on you. Because I have found out the following: Everything we touch changes when we change ourselves. My goal is to help each person methodically and at the same time concretely to find their own way, to define their own challenges and to master them.

With my help ...

  • You improve your skills. Practice is not perfect, but correct practice makes improvement.
  • You optimise your social environment. Because you and your income are the result of the average of your five best friends. Show me your friends and I tell you who you are.
  • You master your attitude and mindset. You are and attract what you think.

This leads to ...

  • You feel more powerful and you become the CEO of your life.
  • You take responsibility for yourself and your actions.
  • You defining your goals and finding your blind spots.
What you can expect from my coaching

We develop your personal mission!

Live the life you want! Through my years of working with a wide variety of people, I have come to understand that each person has their own mission. But unfortunately, many people lack a sense of what that mission is. And this is exactly where I want to intervene and serve humanity.

We make sure that your actions are aligned to achieve what you really want. Because if you do not know where you are going, how will you know when you are there?

What the participants are saying

In my eyes Akuma is pure energy and joy of life. His seminars have taught me that everything I can imagine is also possible - everything is born from thoughts. By working with Akuma, I have been able to increase my turnover because my joie de vivre and energy is higher and my focus has been shifted to solutions. Many thanks to Akuma for this.

Tilo JunckenEntrepreneur in Hamburg

Akuma is a wonderful mentor and coach. I love the exchange with this cheerful yet level-headed intellectual who knows so much but listens carefully and caters for me exactly where I am at the moment. His way of uniting me with myself and my unlimited potential with elegant hints is a great inspiration. Thank you, Akuma!

Peter TrepelFounder of InfinitSelf

When Dr. Akuma enters the stage, you can feel the power, energy and potential that lies within him from your seat. He is a likeable guy and at the same time a pioneer/companion through his message. At one of his performances in Hamburg, where he spoke about personal development, it was a highlight to be presented with such humorous and great content right at the beginning of the year. Many thanks to Dr. Akuma for the valuable input and the clear and skilful tips that can be implemented immediately. Always calmly and factually explained. Please continue the good work!

James NkengfackFounder & GF, Jim Art Photography

Akuma is a great guy and a superb and inspiring mentor who uniquely combines scientific knowledge with Personal Development and Business Coaching. In addition to many thought-provoking impulses, insights and valuable tips from his personal history as an entrepreneur, there is also a lot of good humour available for free every hour. As a walking encyclopaedia of quotations he also finds inspiring words and affirmations for every situation, which have helped me a lot to work on my mindset. I recommend coaching with Akuma to anyone who wants to develop personally and/or build their own business.

Dorje WulfEntrepreneur and Coach

The coaching with Akuma has shown me how I can continue to work on myself to develop my full potential. He tailored the entire programme to meet my individual needs. What I find particularly praiseworthy is his fundamental positive attitude towards life and the fact that all things about his teaching personal development are based on scientific facts. The coaching gave me motivation and energy to continue to grow as an independent person!
Many thanks and best wishes from me!

Vincent AriburnuEntrepreneur from the Beautiful Lake Constance

The formula for your success

Part 1: It’s About You – Personal Development 6.0

Part 1 of the coaching is a must. No matter what we want to achieve in life, whether it is in the personal or professional sphere: without personal development we won’t get very far and cannot realise our dreams.

Module 1: The Foundation: Your Self-Image and Your Environment
Module 2: Quantum Thinking: Your Mindset
Module 3: Conscious and Unconscious Competence
Module 4: Epigenetics: The Power Over Your Genes for Health and Longevity
Module 5: Discover Your True Potential
Module 6: Your Commitment: Commit to Your Goals and a Productive Routine

If you have difficulties in achieving clarity in your own consciousness, then you should waste no time and arrange a free consultation with me.

Part 2: It’s All About Your Business

The second part is aimed at all those who want to participate in the entrepreneurial journey and create and live the life they have always wanted to live.

From the Vision To Entrepreneurship. From Employee to Entrepreneur. From Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur 6.0

Module 1: Positioning – Get To Know Your Niche
Module 2: Making Sales Calls To Attract Customers
Module 3: Developing A Concept For Your Website
Module 4: Messaging, Packaging & Pricing
Module 5: Strategies for Organic Marketing – Digital Customer Acquisition With Social Media
Module 6: Expansion of your network; customer and contact management

That sounds interesting and you want to know to what extent you too can realise this content for yourself? Then apply now for your free interview!

Part 3: Personal Branding – Building your audience

Part 3 is All About Your Outreach and Visibility. What is the point of being good if nobody knows about it? Doing business without advertising is like waving to a girl in the dark. You know what you want, but nobody else does.

Module 1: How To Create And Optimise Your LinkedIn, XING and Facebook Profiles
Module 2: 5 Days LinkedIn Marketing Challenge
Module 3: How to Optimise Your Google My Business Profile To Improve Your Ranking
Module 4: How To Be Invited As a Guest On Podcasts – Finding and Pitching The Right Podcasters
Module 5: How To Find Online Congresses and Networking Events To Present Yourself

If that sounds interesting, then I would like to get to know you personally – completely free of charge and without obligation.

Extras for you

A copy of my book signed by me: Unbox Your Potential – Inspirations Towards A New Perspective
An extra coaching session to evaluate your progress four weeks after the coaching session
25% discount for keynote lectures, seminars and online courses organised by me
Insider tips and much more
You gain lifelong access to your private member area with free valuable content.
You have the opportunity to come to be guest on my podcast thus have free leverage and exposure to my community for your visibility and branding.

How does the coaching work?

The duration varies between six and 12 weeks, depending on which part(s) of the coaching program you choose.

Weekly 1:1 video live calls via zoom (60 – 90 min)
Weekly follow-ups with tasks related to the module covered in the respective week
24/7 WhatsApp Service (Telegram, Wickr and others)
E-Mail Service
Deep integration of the formula into your life

What are you waiting for? Let’s do it!

Invest in yourself, because if you don’t, no one else will either.

Good news: You are about to take your life to a whole new level. As soon as you start, you taken a big leap to gradually turn your life into a magical masterpiece. Welcome aboard!
Enter the coaching programme!

About your mentor

Dr. Akuma Saningong has a doctorate in natural sciences, is a bestselling author, a highly sought-after keynote speaker and a motivational expert in the field of personal development. He uses epigenetics and quantum physics to help you reach your full potential. Thus, bridging the gap between science and topics such as spirituality, gratitude, entrepreneurship and health, and mindset and inspiration.

Why is it worth participating?

We have found that change always happens when we surround ourselves with people who are on a similar path like us. Only when we change our environment can we achieve our goals.

What does the coaching cost?

The price of the coaching and based on the duration is broad range and customised according to your needs.