Akuma Saningong, PhD

Science Meets Personal Devel­op­ment To Unfold Your Potential

Dr. Akuma Saningong is Best-Selling Author, Sought-After Inter­na­tional Speaker, Renowned Teacher and Celebrity Mentor who is helping people shape their lives by Bridging Science and Personal Development.

He is a master commu­ni­cator and a moti­va­tional expert in releasing and maximising your poten­tial through the combi­na­tion of science and personal development.

His aim

To make scien­tific find­ings acces­sible to everyone and to convey them as prac­tical tips and to help everyone method­i­cally and at the same time concretely to find their own way, to define their own chal­lenges and to master them.

He applies the knowl­edge of quantum physics and the biology of epige­netics and the gut micro­biome to unfold your potential.

Akuma’s mantra

The best thing you can do for your­self and the world is to start working on yourself.

Facts about Akuma

Awarded as one of the 100 most influ­en­tial Africans in Germany
Keynote Confer­ence Speaker: On- and Offline > 50,000 Partic­i­pants. TEDx Speaker: Talks in Düssel­dorf, Berlin and Hamburg
Inter­na­tional Perfor­mances: Italy, Switzer­land, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Bulgaria & Ghana
Doctorate in Natural Sciences with Emphasis on Biotech­nology and Protein Biochem­istry, Univer­sity of Duis­burg Essen, Germany
Former Univer­sity Lecturer for Biochem­istry and Polymer Chem­istry, Univer­sity of Applied Sciences, Aalen Germany
Former Head of R&D in the Field of Sustain­able Use of Biowastes for the Produc­tion of Bio-based Products
Former Director of four Inter­na­tional Research and Inno­va­tion Networks with Key Figures from Science and Industry
Member of the German Society of Biochem­istry and Mole­c­ular Biology (GBM) and the Feder­a­tion of Euro­pean Biochem­ical Soci­eties (FEBS)
Member of the German Speakers Asso­ci­a­tion (GSA) and Global Speakers Feder­a­tion (GSF)


Quantum Thinking

How Do Entre­pre­neurs & Busi­ness Founders Think?

Epige­netics: Mental Health

Are We Puppets To Our Genes?

“Akuma is an inspiring and enter­taining speaker who has moved large audi­ences to their feet with long-lasting standing ovations.”

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