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After I have shown you how to unleash your full potential by bridging science and personal development as an entrepreneur, what happens next? Do you have a wonderful business idea and money is the limiting factor?

If you have a project idea with R&D character, I can help you in the following ways …

  • Project conception and funding strategy: selection of the most suitable funding program and determination of time frame for the funding application
  • Partner search and organisation of partner meetings (personal, tele- or video conference)
  • Cooperation with universities and research institutions
  • Workshops: Identification of the Core Innovation (function, state of the art, target parameters, solution approach, risks and risk mitigation)
  • Realisation Concept: Project description and application as well as project monitoring
  • And much more …

Ideas that have a potential for funding answer the following questions …

  • What is the problem and what are the challenges that need to be addressed?
  • Is it innovative enough and is it fundamentally different from the current state of the art?
  • Can technology be used to solve the problem?
  • Is there a market for the product, technology and service to be produced?

If you have answered all the above questions with a resounding yes, then let’s talk.

Find out free of charge whether your project idea is suitable for funding.


I show you with ease and elegance how to navigate through the jungle of non-repayable public funding for your business ideas.

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